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   The small wooden church in traditional ochre-red colour is one of the few privately owned churches
    in Finland. The church was built in 1737 by the brothers Johan Wilhelm and Michael Hising. The bell-
    tower and the chapel were built in 1766. The stonewall surrounding the church and the churchyard was
    added in 1780, according to new regulations given by the crown.

    The church, located beautifully by the lakeside, has always served as the centre of the community, and
    from 1648 to 1870 Fagervik formed its own parish. The church served a social as well as a religious function;
    a meeting place for the whole community.

    The church holds the oldest working church-organ in Finland. Built in Stockholm in 1726 it was a gift
    from Johan Hisinger to the church in 1763. Each generation has contributed with some item to the church,
    such as chandeliers, an altarpiece, silverware and a sandglass. The gentlefolk sat on a separate gallery
    opposite the organ gallery.

    The church can be visited as part of the guided tours.

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